Safe Accomodation

We have 18 units providing accommodation within safe houses dotted around different parts of the city. These houses provide refuge to women and children who are not safe in their own homes, and their location is kept secret.

Of the 18 units 2 of the units offer fully disabled access and 1 unit offers emergency incident related accommodation to Coventry women and their children.

If you are not safe in your own home and would like to access our refuge service, please contact us. We may be able to accommodate you locally, or, if you think you would be safer in another part of the country, or would like to move away to be closer to friends and family, we can help you find refuge space in other cities as part of the Women's Aid network.

When you come into refuge our trained workers will be there to support you as you may feel that your life has been turned upside down and you may have had to flee in a hurry and not have many belongings with you. You will be assigned a key worker who will help you to settle in, and provide some food and toiletries if you need them to help get you started.

Your key worker will also help you to sort out your longer term needs. For example, she can help you to access Coventry Haven’s Outreach Services so that you can see a solicitor, or have counselling. She will also help you to look at your options around alternative housing and any benefits you may be entitled to claim.

Some women want to return to their own home once legal measures have been put in place. 

We also help women to access new housing when it is not safe for them to return home. 
If you would like us to help you find a safe house, call us on: 02476 444077. 

Please, in an emergency, always call 999. If you need access to safe out-of-hours accommodation, please call Coventry City Council Out of Hours Team on 02476 833333.