I'm an Employer and I want to ensure I am ready to support my staff if anyone discloses abuse

The cost of Domestic Abuse to business in the UK is estimated at almost £2 billion a year.

Only 5% of organisations have a specific policy or guidelines around how to support and deal with Domestic Abuse and how it affects their employees.

Employers have a legal, increased duty of care to any employee who has disclosed abuse to them and is required to prioritise their safety.  Do you have a Domestic Abuse policy in place? 

We are often approached by employers and offer training, support, information and advice on how to recognise signs of abuse, and how to talk about it in a safe, discreet, understanding and non-judgemental way. We assist with building appropriate responses for employers, and help with policies and procedures.

If you require more information, please contact via email by clicking here and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Alternatively, please call 02476 444077 and ask for Jaime Richards.