Heart of England Support with Grant Funding

Thank you to the Heart of England Foundation for the support they continue to provide to us, in various ways. They have assisted with our flat roof, day trips to the seaside, toys and games for the beach and park, plus sheds for storage.

Thank you so much to you and your Trustees for supporting the services we provide to our women and children in refuge and in Outreach. Your kindness is making such a huge difference, and more importantly creating happy memories! And those are irreplaceable!

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A great weekend!

So throughout the last weekend in June, we have been very busy!

Saturday 30th June we were at the Binley Fire Station Open Day, showcasing our services, Sunday two of us ran the Leamington Spa Half Marathon, in sweltering heat, finished off by collection of a £417 cheque from proceeds of Jan Rawnsley's artwork!

Great to meet so many people!


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#NoMoreCSEFilms - Campaign by Jessica Eaton - Great News!

I am writing to you because you signed your name or supported the #nomoreCSEfilms campaign, signed up to receive updates on my campaigns and work – or you contributed to the ‘Can I tell you what it feels like?’ report in January 2018 which was the first ever report to document the harm caused by showing sexually violent materials to children as an ‘educational’ or ‘preventative’ method.

I am very pleased (and quite emotional) to write to you all to say that we succeeded. After a year of campaigning, I have now received letters and calls from national charities, police authorities, regulatory bodies and the UN Cybercrime department to confirm that they are all withdrawing the use of CSE films. A number of national organisations and police authorities are preparing to release statements or new policies to stop the use of CSE films with children in the UK. These statements and policies will begin to emerge into public over the next few weeks and months. What I can be sure of, is that everyone from those bodies and organisations have agreed that we need to leave the CSE films behind and move to trauma informed and evidence based working.

I cannot thank you enough for your signature, your interest, your support and your letters. A special thank you to the young people and adults who were harmed by the use of CSE films who told me their stories – and thank you to the parents who wrote to me about the harm of their children.

We have done something very important here. We have changed an entire culture in the field of social care and policing, in which it was assumed that showing children films of other children being abused, could actually protect them from sex offenders. We have stopped children from being retraumatised in their school classrooms and assembly halls.

Thank you so much. You helped change practice for real children. This is activism.

Best Wishes,

Jessica Eaton


Email: Jessica@victimfocus.org.uk

Call: 07771462616

Website: www.victimfocus.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jessicaforenpsych/

Tweet: @JessicaE13Eaton and @victimfocus




If you are looking for friendly, free and confidential advice or support around domestic abuse, or are working with someone who needs specialist support, please come along to our Drop-In Sessions at our women-only safe space.

Where: Our Open Access Sessions are held at The Listening Post, 22 Marlborough Road, Coventry CV2 4EP

When: every Monday and Wednesday from 10am - 2pm - no referral or appointment needed, JUST DROP-IN!

For more information, please call:

02476 444 077 or

email: info@coventryhaven.co.uk

We hope to see you soon!

FGM Event - Collaborative Working

Tally Ho Birmingham Police Centre

What a great event held 12th February at The tally HO. Great to see how we are all the agencies, health, police,  social care and the voluntary sector wanting to work together to ensure safe practices and safe opportunities for women to talk and disclose. Also to see the importance that building the trust within these communities to enable delivery of knowledge and information surrounding the impact on health and child birth and also the mental health issues that can be linked to FGM.

Important to hear the Theory of Change and the social impact and return on investment from Sophie McHale and the conclusion of her 18 months work on the project, alongside our own Rachel delivering with one of the FGM Champions Ashleigh, and how they are embracing the many different affected communities. This is not just an African issue.

Always great to hear Birmigham and Solihull Women's Aid plus the details of the new project in health for GP's. 

Well done to all involved!


So what actually is Gaslighting??

  • Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation and abuse that makes people question their own memory, perception, and sanity
  • The term comes from a 1938 stage play Gas Light in which a husband attempts to convince his wife and others that she is insane - when he dims the gas lights, he insists she's imagining it
  • There are three stages to gaslighting in a relationship: idealisation, devaluation and discard
  • In the idealisation stage the victim is whisked off their feet as the gaslighter projects an image of themselves as the perfect mate
  • The devaluation stage hits hard: the victim goes from being adored to being incapable of doing anything right, but having tasted the ideal they are desperate to put things right
  • Then comes the discard stage where the victim is dropped, ready for the next one - this often happens simultaneously with the idealisation, or grooming, of the next victim