Signs or ‘Red Flags’ of an Abusive / Unhealthy Relationship

A relationship may start off healthy and happy, but it can soon develop into an abusive and volatile one. Know the warning signs.

How many can you ‘tick’….?

  •        You are seeing your friends and family less often

  •        Sometimes you feel scared of how your partner will react in certain situations

  •        You are treading on eggshells around your partner

  •        You feel bad about yourself because your partner is criticising you

  •        You don't express your opinions because he/she makes you feel like they are invalid

  •        You don’t have an equal say in decisions

  •        You are constantly contacted on your mobile phone or social media

  •        You are made to feel bad or guilty because of your partner's jealousy

  •        You are made to feel uncomfortable when you are arguing with your partner

  •        You are ridiculed or called names

  •        Feel humiliated or embarrassed

  •        If you are out without him/her, you receive constant calls/messages

  •        Refusing to communicate - ‘silent treatment’

  •        Flirting with others

  •        Extreme moodiness

  •        Saying ‘if you don’t__________, I will________’

  •        Threatening to commit suicide if you leave

  •        Withdrawal of affection

  •        Using money to control you

  • Taking photos of you that you don’t feel comfortable about

  • Threatening to show others, photos of you

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