18th August 2018 - Xcel 10th plus Warwickshire Pride

Yes we were in 2 places at once!

Our team of event volunteers (including our Chair Woman), 3 of them their very first time, spent the day in 2 places, covering the Xcel 10th Anniversary Event in Coventry and Warwickshire Pride in Leamington. 

We raised awareness, listened to disclosures and offered our support to all those we spoke with, had some laughter with the Bucking Bronco, plus we got to meet Matty from Emmerdale! 

A little bit windy but what a fabulous day was had by all! The volunteers were just brilliant! Thank you to everyone involved and to all those we met on the day! #TeamBonding

14th August 2018 - Coventry Building Society

A fantastic group of volunteers from CBS spent a day at our Hen Lane office, painting the walls, shed and fence in the back garden.

What a fabulous effort from both men and women from CBS to create a safe and relaxing break out area for staff and clients to use and enjoy.

They have also taken some brilliant ideas back to their departments and Community Champions for their fundraising, and uses for the money...

A HUGE thank you to all involved!

They'll be back.....

Polly Bayfield - Free Radio - 1st August 2018

Jaime delivered an interview regarding a victims ability to have paid time off work to assist with support etc if experiencing DVA.

With the changes in the Domestic Abuse Bill, this is an ideal opportunity for the Government to take the lead (like New Zealand) with providing employers with a commitment to provide paid leave if someone discloses DVA, to cope with support, deal with the police and other agencies.

More to follow, we are sure....