#NoMoreCSEFilms - Campaign by Jessica Eaton - Great News!

I am writing to you because you signed your name or supported the #nomoreCSEfilms campaign, signed up to receive updates on my campaigns and work – or you contributed to the ‘Can I tell you what it feels like?’ report in January 2018 which was the first ever report to document the harm caused by showing sexually violent materials to children as an ‘educational’ or ‘preventative’ method.

I am very pleased (and quite emotional) to write to you all to say that we succeeded. After a year of campaigning, I have now received letters and calls from national charities, police authorities, regulatory bodies and the UN Cybercrime department to confirm that they are all withdrawing the use of CSE films. A number of national organisations and police authorities are preparing to release statements or new policies to stop the use of CSE films with children in the UK. These statements and policies will begin to emerge into public over the next few weeks and months. What I can be sure of, is that everyone from those bodies and organisations have agreed that we need to leave the CSE films behind and move to trauma informed and evidence based working.

I cannot thank you enough for your signature, your interest, your support and your letters. A special thank you to the young people and adults who were harmed by the use of CSE films who told me their stories – and thank you to the parents who wrote to me about the harm of their children.

We have done something very important here. We have changed an entire culture in the field of social care and policing, in which it was assumed that showing children films of other children being abused, could actually protect them from sex offenders. We have stopped children from being retraumatised in their school classrooms and assembly halls.

Thank you so much. You helped change practice for real children. This is activism.

Best Wishes,

Jessica Eaton


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